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Private Lessons for Children, Youth and Adults

Private lessons are scheduled on Tuesdays through Thursdays.
Please contact me for rates and and time slots that are available.

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Children and youth often progress through private piano and theory lessons based upon the Royal Conservatory syllabus supplemented by an open variety of music genres such as rock, jazz, blues, and popular music that help individual students explore their creativity and maximize their overall enjoyment of playing the music they love.

Berva offers a supportive environment for children and youth to earn their piano certifications through to the RCM Grade 8 level. For more information on the RCM program, visit

Each June, a year-end recital provides students with the opportunity to perform for friends and family, proudly demonstrating their progress over the school year!

Call, email or use our contact form to find out more. 


Are  you an adult interested in trying your hand at learning how to play the piano, brush up on your existing skills, or learn to read music better?

Day-time half-hour lessons may be available in the studio on a weekly or flexible schedule Tuesdays through Thursdays. 

No commitment is required and we'll go at your pace in a relaxed and unintimidating environment. 

Call, email or use our contact form to find out more.

Piano Practice
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