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Berva has been teaching our two children the Music for Young Children (MYC) program for five years. Our youngest started at age three.This year she graduates from the MYC program, completing Royal Conservatory Grade One. Our nine year old graduated MYC last year, and has continued with private lessons.We are very fortunate to have found Berva. Berva is very compassionate, patient, encouraging and kind.We highly recommend Berva Warkentin and the Music for Young Children program

.─ Savina Huff



The MYC program is a great experience for my children. They are learning so much and it is giving them such self-confidence.

─ Donna Cook



MYC has been a wonderful experience for my daughter and myself. This is near the end of the third year and I am amazed at how much I am learning. The children love the games and learn so much. The classes are fast paced and full of interesting surprises. I know my daughter has a much better grasp of the “why” of the theory than her friends in private classes.

─ Sharon Gibbs



We have been in MYC for three years. It is a fabulous program. It is well rounded, fun and organized. My kids enjoy the class format and how they quickly move from one activity to the next. It is amazing how much they are learning.


This is one music class you do not want to miss out on.Berva is a terrific teacher. Being a teacher myself, I appreciate her kind and caring way with the children. I wish she taught in the schools so she could pass on her knowledge and love of music to even more kids. This is one music class you do not want to miss out on.

─ Jill Payne



MYC with Berva has been a tremendously positive experience for my five and six year old kids. They have had loads of fun and what they have learned is, to me, amazing. I highly recommend the program.

─ Donna Newman



I have been absolutely delighted with the MYC program. Children learn about all aspects of music, not just how to play notes. In the program design, a great deal of attention has been put to how children learn best. New information is introduced in a clear, logical manner, each skill building on past lessons. Lessons are nicely paced with lots of variety, movement and fun. Children are introduced to sophisticated musical elements without realizing what they are accomplishing. I am astonished at what my oldest child has learned in terms of musical theory at such a young age.

─ Laurel Matthew



Since registering for the MYC program with Berva three years ago, I have been constantly impressed with the depth of knowledge and her commitment to providing excellence and her encouraging non-judgmental approach.


The MYC program has offered my two children the exposure to music in a very comprehensive manner. When they were pre-schoolers, they were taught to find a few basic notes on the piano with stories of animal critters and very creative visual aids. They were provided with a multitude of experiences to listen for differences in the music and develop their voice. They were exposed to music theory through creative stories, games and group activities. They began basic reading and pattern recognition skills and they were encouraged to perform in a recital which followed a very supportive and non-judgmental format. The multi-sensory approach, in a group setting, with built in rewards has won my children’s attention from the beginning.


As we are not a traditionally musical family, the MYC program has given me the tools to facilitate my children’s musical development and shown them it is possible to overcome challenges through practice.I feel quite confident in saying the MYC program is truly a multi-sensory approach, which develops fine-motor, auditory processing, visual processing, motor planning, pre-reading and pre-math skills. Wow, all this in a music class.

─ Gail Johnson